Discover The Pulse for ideas for your business and read my new blog posts!

MYOB delivers accounting software for Australian businesses for over 20 years. They have a mission to make it easier to run a great business.  Their blog “The Pulse” is their platform to share news, views and ideas for businesses. When the opportunity presented itself to blog for MYOB, I gladly accepted. I believe in sharing [...]

3 reasons why you should pay attention to Meet Up

If you ever tried to organise an event, meet like-minded people, or want to be part of a local group with similar interests, you may already realise the current social networks are not that efficient. Enter Meet Up, a website with a focus on making it easier for people to self-organise in their local communities.  [...]

Obama is in Foursquare, Facebook Check In Deals is in Australia, should I even bother?

Australians love their smartphones. Nearly half of us have a smartphone or about to buy one. Smartphones have features such as built in GPS offering new marketing opportunities based on the location of its owners. These new opportunities are especially in the retail and hospitality industries. The opportunities are based around the owner of a [...]

Achtung! Your attention is needed. Now

Have you heard the survey  about ‘IE users had lower average IQs than users of other web browsers.’ Yes, the fake one.  This hoax was reported in respectable publications such as BBC, CBS News, The Huffington Post and our very own The Sydney Morning Herald (via Mashable news website).They haven’t checked their facts before publishing. [...]

What I learnt from a blog that failed

Not everything in life goes according to plan. As long as we can learn from our mistakes and  try our best not to repeat them, it is a learning experience.  Here is a failed blog story that turned out to be a great learning experience. Background Once I was given the task to raise the [...]

3 Effective Examples of Personal Branding in the age of Social Media

“ You are your brand” You might heard this ever since personal branding concept became mainstream by an article “ The Brand Called You” published at Fast Company in 1997. 1997;no Google, no Googling someone, no Google vanity search. Popular social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin didn’t exist. You wouldn’t be able [...]

Google + 3 suggestions to ensure you don’t miss the boat

You thought you were safe. All the angles covered, all the social networks sorted. You had your Social Media strategy and you had your favourite social network. Enter Google +. Things changed. Again. First of all take a deep breath. Now.  Noone has found the business value of Google+ for SME’s yet, not even your  [...]

What does Google’s new search features mean for your business?

Life without Google is hard to imagine. The search engine giant is not resting on its laurels and is always improving its search functionalities. If you aren’t up to date with them, here is a brief introduction on Voice Search, Image Search and Instant Pages and their implications for your business. Voice Search Voice Search [...]

Is the future of Google good or bad?

Google is our gate to Internet. Since 1998, they made the Internet an easier place to find information. What they do, how they do it and their plans for future are always of interest for both businesses and consumers. Two recent blog posts discuss the state of Google now and what the future holds for [...]