What business books should I read? Check recommendations of business leaders

I love reading. I just love digging deeper into a topic and coming up with new insights, added wisdom. I recently attended to Kochie’s Business Builders Bootcamp which brought together the entrepreneurs, business leaders and SME owners. The speakers were among the most successful business operators and entrepreneurs in Australia. They made many book recommendations. [...]

What I learnt at Kochie’s Business Builders Bootcamp

17 hours of heavy duty brain work. The Bootcamp was intense. Yet I left Darling Harbour with  a buzz. I picked up the entrepreneurship bug and my attitude towards business changed for the better. Listening to one successful speaker after another, I saw they’re not different than you or me. I started to see patterns. [...]

What’s your LinkedIn strategy? If you don’t have one, read Roland’s success story for inspiration

LinkedIn is world’s most popular social networking tool for professionals. It recently passed 100 million users and it has close to 1 million users in Australia. More and more people are trying to find the formula for success in LinkedIn. Roland Hanekroot  has been a success story in using LinkedIn. In our interview, he shares [...]

How to effectively communicate with busy people

Busy busy busy. Standard reply when you ask someone how they’re. We’re cramming more into our lives. More work, more fun, more appointments, more commitments. It is getting harder to get someone’s attention. Frustrating isn’t it? Yet  I have a formula to counteract this modern day phenomenon. Single message with any communication.  Yes. Simple isn’t [...]

Online marketing vs traditional marketing- 3 examples to help you bridge the gap

One of the most common mistakes in marketing is to put too much time, money and effort in one tactic. This mostly results in ignoring other tactics that would support and make marketing initiative a success. As more of the marketing budgets are shifted to online, usually traditional marketing tactics became victims of this oversight. [...]

Dear Twitter

Pretty strong sentiments for a tweet, don’t you think? This tweet came straight after a Twitter moment when a few of my passions came together via a tweet. I felt like a portal opened up showing me new wisdom and insight. Timeline is the Stage A daily ritual is reading Timeline in my Twitter account.  [...]

9 iPhone Apps That Spiced Up My Life

A recent article In Read Write Web was not a surprise for me. iPhone Apps Overtaking Songs in Total Downloads is an informative article explaining why Apps is becoming more popular than song. iPhone Apps is a world on its own, and it’s like your best friend helping you to be more productive, have more [...]

3 Effective Examples of Personal Branding in the age of Social Media

“ You are your brand” You might heard this ever since personal branding concept  became mainstream  by an article “ The Brand Called You” published at Fast Company in 1997. 1997;no Google, no Googling someone, no Google vanity search. Popular social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin didn’t exist. You wouldn’t be able [...]

Why should you do Social Media?

Stay at the top of people’s mind. Golden rule of marketing. We know your prospects are more likely to buy your products/services if they remember who you are and what you do. If your target market is already using Social Media, by being present in Social Media channels and engaging them while there, you are [...]