Achtung! Your attention is needed. Now

Have you heard the survey  about ‘IE users had lower average IQs than users of other web browsers.’ Yes, the fake one.  This hoax was reported in respectable publications such as BBC, CBS News, The Huffington Post and our very own The Sydney Morning Herald (via Mashable news website).They haven’t checked their facts before publishing. One of the core tasks of journalism is fact checking. Similar mistakes are becoming more frequent these days. Everyone is so busy and mostly  don’t  pay the attention required to do their job properly. Scary yet true.  2 quick tips to help you deal with situations where attention is the key:

When you are communicating

Keep it simple. Simplicity. It is not simple. It actually requires thinking and putting yourself in the mind of who you are communicating. Yet noone has time for this. The irony is, quite often messages are misinterpreted and more productivity is lost when more communication is required to understand the misinterpreted message.   In a previous post, I wrote about how to communicate with busy people and reading that will assist in introducing simplicity when communicating.

When you are listening

Yes in the business, we have to make quick decisions to make the most of opportunities. Yet we shouldn’t be in the “ auto-pilot” mode in business. We have our gut feel. We do have our brains and we can ask questions or research instead of blindly accepting what is presented to us.
Making a decision, we should consult to our brain and gut feel. If something doesn’t feel right or if it doesn’t add up: Pause. Don’t act. It may be better to waste an opportunity if that opportunity is not the right one. It is more work to rectify the situation if the opportunity isn’t as real as it sounded.

We’re only going to get busier so we have to have methods in place to deal with this attention issue.
Have you been in similar situations where you were a victim of lack of attention? Have you got any tips to share?

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