Is the future of Google good or bad?

Google is our gate to Internet. Since 1998, they made the Internet an easier place to find information. What they do, how they do it and their plans for future are always of interest for both businesses and consumers.

Two recent blog posts discuss the state of Google now and what the future holds for Google. Not surprisingly the posts are both criticising and praising Google. Here are the summary of those posts and my personal view about them.

The State of Google

Business insider made an interview with Steven Levy who just wrote a book about Google.  The  highlights of the interview are in the blog post and the interview is available as an audio file.

Google X

Sounds secretive doesn’t it?  The post explains that it is a bunch of Google engineers working on some secret projects. I find this fascinating.  Getting smart people to collaborate and build up on good ideas can be very powerful.  I am a big fan of Google’s 20% time and I believe there is more innovation to come from Google. The challenge is to be able to turn these innovations into successful products.  Google doesn’t have a great track record in launching new products. Remember Google Wave and Google Buzz. Yet they can come up with a breakthrough product, just like they did with Gmail and Google Adwords.  They could be easily working on the next big thing with this talented team of engineers as they have all the resources in the world to make it happen.

Google 2015: what will it look like?

Robert Scoble is a very influential tech blogger and his blog is one of the most respected in Silicon Valley.  His recent post highlighted the trends for the next four years and provided a snapshot of Google in relation to these trends.   The post is more of a critique as the implication Google is losing its innovative edge is the conclusion.

Google and Social Media

Google still hasn’t cracked the code in Social Media. There have been couple of attempts, not much traction. There doesn’t seem to be a grand Social Media strategy for world domination to match the ambition of Facebook.  The article makes references how Google is missing the boat on Social Media. Although I have faith in Google’s coming up with an innovative product or technology, I don’t think this will be in Social Media.

The dynamics of Social Media is unique and is based on human behaviour, not algorithms.  Google tends to be good at interpreting data for technical innovation. Yet I believe the future growth of Social Media will come from interpreting the human behaviour and finding ways to enhance and improve this behaviour. An example is Sonar App which introduces efficiencies in the way we behave and leverages Social Media for real world connections.  I am not sure if Google has capabilities to innovate in the human behaviour arena, as their forte seems to be data and algorithms.

What do you think about Google? Do you see the future good or bad for Google ?Add your comment below.

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