What does Google’s new search features mean for your business?

Life without Google is hard to imagine. The search engine giant is not resting on its laurels and is always improving its search functionalities. If you aren’t up to date with them, here is a brief introduction on Voice Search, Image Search and Instant Pages and their implications for your business.

Voice Search

Voice Search was a popular feature on Mobile and now it is available on desktop computers. Basically instead of typing your query, you will speak to the mic of your computer and your results will be displayed on your computer.

Image Search

Similar to Voice Search, Image Search has been limited to mobiles and now is available on desktop computers. To search using an image, go to images.google.com and just put your picture in the search box. You can either click the camera icon in the search box and upload a photo from your computer or paste the URL of an image from the web.

I tried it, chose an image that  is relatively obscure and was impressed with the result. Actually I was even more impressed with the fact that I learnt the history of the statue I chose which is from my hometown Istanbul.

Google Instant Pages

If Google is confident about the search results of your query, it starts to load the webpage and when you click on the result in the Instant Pages , the result page is delivered much faster. This video has a comparison of the traditional vs Instant pages and is convincing.

What does the new Google features mean for you or your business?

It is too early to determine the business influences of the new features as they have just been rolled out. The initial view is that these features are there to help you get your results faster (Instant Pages) or by using different formats (voice and image). Again the view on this is not a change in your business’s  Google ranking but just an enhanced user experience.

It can be a challenge to stay informed with Google’s changes but a recent Google blog “Inside Search” aims to bring a wealth of information on search including search shortcuts. Definitely worth bookmarking. Have you used any of these new features? What’s your view on them?

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