What I learnt at Kochie’s Business Builders Bootcamp

17 hours of heavy duty brain work. The Bootcamp was intense. Yet I left Darling Harbour with  a buzz. I picked up the entrepreneurship bug and my attitude towards business changed for the better. Listening to one successful speaker after another, I saw they’re not different than you or me. I started to see patterns. Here are some of those patterns and other highlights of  the Bootcamp.

Attitude: Just do it

Most of the speakers had overcame adversities, they had low points in the business, big ugly debts, the GFC, not knowing much about business, finance, systems, everyone saying “ don’t do it”…

Yet they all survived and actually thrived when facing these adversities. The pattern I see was their attitude. An unwavering self-belief, courage, determination and the ability to back their goal and intentions with their actions. They just went out and gave it a go. When they fell, they stood up again. Made mistakes, yet they didn’t change their attitude and still had  another go. The famous tagline of Nike “Just do it” came up couple of times in the Bootcamp. No wonder why!

5 people you need for success

Another common pattern was the need for external support.  Be it the need for a Board of Directors or a business coach, the need for external support was frequently emphasised by the speakers.  The presentation of Natalie Archer, the director of Bendelta, clearly explained this concept. She suggested 5 personalities you need to have in your network to help you succeed in business:

  1. Coach: Someone who is good at asking you the right questions so you can tap into the knowledge you already have.
  2. Role model: Someone you admire, who you look up to. You can try to emulate the success of your model.
  3. Critique: Someone who is not afraid to tell it to you when you are wrong.
  4. Collaborator: Someone who compliments you. When you’re together, magic happens. New ideas, outcomes, projects come up with this collaboration and you are better for it.
  5. Confidant: Someone you trust, ideally outside the business. You can vent, scream and release the bottled up anger.

Collaborative Consumption

Finally a business trend that will make you feel good to consume or actually change the way you consume.  In this mode of consumption, you don’t own. You share, swap, barter, exchange, trade or rent. In Australia, collaborative consumption based business examples is increasing. GoGet car share is a great example where you enjoy all the benefits of a car without owning one.

Rachel Botsman is the co-author of the book “What’s Mine Is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption” and she was one of the speakers. She explained the  concept in detail and shared many examples.  She had a similar presentation on collaborative consumption on TED. Watch it as collaborative consumption is very likely to change your business and the way you consume.

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