9 iPhone Apps That Spiced Up My Life

A recent article In Read Write Web was not a surprise for me. iPhone Apps Overtaking Songs in Total Downloads is an informative article explaining why Apps is becoming more popular than song. iPhone Apps is a world on its own, and it’s like your best friend helping you to be more productive, have more fun, discover new things and never be alone or bored.

Here is my list to celebrate Iphone Apps, this is a list for both work and play, just like iPhone.


Work only and a lifesaver if you are managing multiple Twitter accounts and Facebook pages. Simple, elegant and powerful, HootSuite allows you to send and schedule Twitter and Facebook updates, track click stats, and set up tracking columns to monitor keywords, #hashtags and lists. There is a free lite version but I chose the full version (US$2.99) and never regretted.My favourite  is you can schedule your tweets so you don’t bombard your followers with consecutive tweets!

2-Nuage Paper

If you like newspapers, this free application is for you. There are thousands of international media sources to choose from and you can read the latest articles of the paper of your choice. You can also see the front pages of the newspapers around the world or get their feeds, a good App to go with your morning coffee.


I still call this magic! Great software giving you instant satisfaction when you want to know the song that is playing: Simply point your phone  towards the music, let Shazam do the magic and give you more information about the artist; let you buy the song immediately or simply share your discovery with friends.There are a few different versions, but the free one does it for me.

4-Top 100 Apps

This free App is  a great way to discover new Apps. Your App store just shows the categories and Top 25 for the country you are in. This App lets you view top 100 App rankings in different countries quickly so you know what is popular around the world. It is also great for market research.


A cheesy and fun App that is free.Your conversations will never be boring again, when you use the Pocket Sitcom as it gives you the personal laughtrack and canned applause you always wanted.


A free App that is ideal for cyclists. Bicyle is my favourite form of transport and I tend to get on my bike a lot. This is a simple cyclocomputer giving you info like the distance covered, your average speed, and how long did your trip take. There are many similar Apps but I like the simplicity and the fact that it is free!


If you are a movie buff like me, this free Apps is for you. There have been many occasions where an argument starts with another movie buff: “No way she was’t in that movie”,and you respond  “I am absolutely sure she is”. Before the days of the IMDB, this argument wouldn’t be settled instantly and by the time it’s settled, it didn’t matter. Yet IMDB App  features the Internet Movie Database with its largest collection of movie, TV and celebrity information anywhere, bringing all movie arguments to a swift resolution.


Trapster(R) is a FREE App that alerts you as you approach police speed traps, red light cameras, speed cameras, and other roadway wallet hazards. This is a powerful App and the more users out there using it, the more accurate it gets. The app already has the critical mass with 2 million mobile users world-wide.

9-Paper Toss

Free game App. I’ll be honest, games and me don’t get along well.  I downloaded a few popular game Apps and give it a go, hoping that I would be enticed to this dynamic world. Yet none worked for me. But this one is simple, engaging and fun and even if you don’t like games, you may enjoy the Paper Toss.

What are the Apps that spiced up your life and you can’t live without?

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