Online marketing vs traditional marketing- 3 examples to help you bridge the gap

One of the most common mistakes in marketing is to put too much time, money and effort in one tactic. This mostly results in ignoring other tactics that would support and make marketing initiative a success. As more of the marketing budgets are shifted to online, usually traditional marketing tactics became victims of this oversight.

I am a big believer of creating synergies between online and traditional marketing .Here are 3 personal examples where offline marketing doesn’t feel like a victim!

Business Development

One of my responsibilities in an earlier role was business development. The term applied to only cold calling. It was painful. Cold calling is one of the most ineffective methods of business development in my opinion.  I suggested building relationship with Department of State and Regional Development (DSRD). They were organising seminars for SME’s, our target market. I organised us to be one of the presenters. DSRD was managing the marketing and bringing in the attendees and we concentrated on delivering a strong presentation. The presentation was well received and introduced us to a great many number of prospects. After the introduction, we switched the conversation to online marketing. We followed up with white papers, and e-newsletters to manage the relation.  Combination of the offline marketing of presenting at a seminar and adding value to the relationship with online follow up resulted in new clients. I didn’t have to do cold calling again!


I am so surprised by a common behaviour in networking events.  Introduction and some conversation usually results in exchange of business cards. Yet majority of the people never do anything with the business cards they collect. For me, that is a great start to a business relation only if it’s extended to online. Couple of suggestions to make the most of the networking event:

A quick email following up after the event. This email would almost always include something relevant to the conversation. Eg if there was a mention of a website, sending  the link of the website.
Adding the person to social networks. Yes I am talking about LinkedIn and Twitter, no not Facebook. This way, I would get to know the person better. In busy lives, it is hard to catch up with people frequently but Twitter is a great tool to carry a conversation online and LinkedIn is the default choice in business.

I believe only with this combination of traditional and online, you can make the most of attending to networking events.

Creating unique experiences

OK I may be biased with this, but this involves a pet project of mine so it’s hard to be neutral. Creating and managing events used to be challenging. But event application of Facebook made it much easier to organise your housewarming or find out more about that birthday party. Yet among the noise in Facebook including friends, game and page invitations, and the events may get lost.

MeetUp is a specialist website for meetings and groups. You can easily organise a local group or find one of the thousands already meeting up face-to-face. MeetUp is usually a great first stop to find a group you are interested or start one and find like-minded people. It’s US based but gaining popularity around the world and Australia.

I recently had an idea that combined a few interests of mine: Meeting people, enjoying a great meal and technology. I set up  Social Dinner Club to create unique dining experiences featuring a new cuisine, a new restaurant and a food blogger.
In this instance the online platform MeetUp  helps to organise  the  offline meeting, resulting in a unique dining experience. I know couple of groups and businesses who are working to tap into MeetUp as this website is a great tool to bring people together, yes offline!

There is always an opportunity to maximise your results in your initiatives. Looking for synergies in online and traditional marketing is a great way to leverage your initiatives so please keep this in mind when you’re working on your next big initiative. I would love to hear your thoughts or maybe we can talk about them in one of the Social Dinner Club events!

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