3 Effective Examples of Personal Branding in the age of Social Media

“ You are your brand” You might heard this ever since personal branding concept became mainstream by an article “ The Brand Called You” published at Fast Company in 1997.

1997;no Google, no Googling someone, no Google vanity search. Popular social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin didn’t exist. You wouldn’t be able to build your personal branding empire one update or tweet at a time.

Here are 3 great tools for personal branding, they are all integrated well into social media enhancing their value.


Why not have a personal paper to compliment your personal empire! Here is how paper.li explains itself: “ paper.li organizes links shared on Twitter into an easy to read newspaper-style format. Newspapers can be created for any Twitter user, list or #tag.”

I’ve been following Ken Burgin’s daily paper for a while and recently found out international thought leaders and great personal brand ambassadors such as Problogger Darren and Brian Solis are using paper.li, too.

I asked to both Ken and Darren about their experiences using paper.li.

Ken: “Using paper.li was an experiment to see what types of links would come together with some ‘auto-curation’. The one with my personal name has worked well, and generally puts together interesting content creation each morning, although sometimes a little repetitive.”

Darren “ I guess they compile an interesting list of links from your community which could be useful to identifying hot topics but also building relationships with some of your readers – however because it’s all fairly automated and you don’t actually have to do anything to create it seems slightly impersonal.


This website is a great way to combine your social network profiles http://flavors.me/cenkbaban in one location and make it look visually attractive. There is a free version which allows you to add services (social networks) and decide on your design, to create your own URL. Flavors work really well if you are into design and you can get really creative with it. A good way to use would be to display your portfolio samples and send your URL to your client for their reference.

The paid version is $20 for a year and includes listing in a directory, statistics, custom domain name and contact form. Not a bad investment for $20 yet, when about. me is launched to public which includes statistics and is free, the competition for flavors.me will intensify.


The new kid on the block, currently it’s not open to the public. The power of it lies in its analytics feature. This feature allows you to understand how many people visit your profile and more importantly what they do with the information they see. This website is all about personal branding integrating the image of the user and their copy as well as their social networks.

What I really like about this website is the creativity of the first set of users.The copy they have is engaging and the images they use really compliment the copy. The user pages remind me of the great coffee table books. I already chose my image and looking forward to get my profile up and running.

Have you tried any of these tools? What are your views? Do you believe personal branding is here to stay and should be complemented with these kinds of tools?

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