Dear Twitter

love letterPretty strong sentiments for a tweet, don’t you think?
This tweet came straight after a Twitter moment when a few of my passions came together via a tweet. I felt like a portal opened up showing me new wisdom and insight.

Timeline is the Stage

A daily ritual is reading Timeline in my Twitter account.  This is probably one of my favourite time of the day as I am given the privilege to gaze into the worlds of people I look up to as well as peers and friends. Everyone I follow is important for me so Timeline is the stage where they show off their skills.

Collision of opinions
Malcolm Gladwell is one of my favourite writers, I read all his books. He is gifted in providing us with great insight about human behaviour  and sharing those insights in a very engaging and accessible way.  Brian Solis is a leading Social Media expert, I attended to one of his presentations in Sydney last year. I was impressed with his command on the topic. Currently Malcom Gladwell is criticised for his views on Twitter and this tweet seemed like another critique.

When I clicked on the link, I was provided with a detailed opinion on the topic along with further links which introduced me to Zeynep Tufecki, a professor of sociology and her research revolves around how information technology shapes and is shaped by the socio-cultural context.

All of a sudden, I discovered someone who is working in an area that I am interested in. These links provided me with material to pour over when I have free time.

How Twitter changed is the way I search for and digest information

This is typical of a situation where I discover new things as the people I trusted to follow have once more delivered ideas that I want to explore.
The people I follow is my filter. Instead of relying on any other source such as newspapers, websites, magazines, I rely on these people to educate me, entertain me or challenge me. Twitter is now my primary source of information and discovery. How about you? Do you have a love affair with Twitter? Is it more of a hate affair as you started and didn’t like it and never went back to your account? Talk to me, ask me questions, maybe I can convince you to give Twitter one more try!

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