Why should you do Social Media?

why social mediaStay at the top of people’s mind. Golden rule of marketing. We know your prospects are more likely to buy your products/services if they remember who you are and what you do.

If your target market is already using Social Media, by being present in Social Media channels and engaging them while there, you are going to increase the likelihood of them remembering you-when they are ready to buy!

Social Media is only one aspect of the online marketing tactics and can be used to compliment other marketing tactics.

Social Media story with a happy end

Here is a happy story, let’s hope it’ll be your business in this story.

You have a twitter profile, followed other twitter users and they followed you back.

You managed to impress them with your tweets: You made them laugh, shared a link which helped them with their question, solved one of their problems by pointing them in the right direction…

They checked your Twitter bio, your past tweets, and they liked what they saw. They clicked on to your website in your Twitter bio and came to your landing page. After looking around, they are still impressed, they decided to subscribe to your e-newsletter and download that free ebook.

If your goal was to increase your database, you can smile now, mission accomplished. They’ll be in your database and your e-newsletter or special offers will be delivered straight to their inbox.  Now you are one step closer to converting them to be a client.

What’s next?

You used Social Media to reach your marketing goal, it worked as one of your online tactics. That’s why you should do Social Media. Well done, now go back and repeat!

This is only one example of Social Media working for your business. Let’s have a chat and brainstorm ways to use Social Media to reach your goals.

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